3 Things That Destroy Your Chances With Men Before You Even Meet


Women have a hard time understanding that they are the ones who are in control of their own actions, which is why they are constantly getting in their own way when it comes to men. There are three heavy sets of baggage that women tote around that will destroy their chances with all men, before they even meet them.

Your Expectations

We know, we know, you were hoping for a tall, dark and handsome man to glide across the room and sweep you off your feet with some grand gesture that never really happens outside of your television screen. Well, guess what? It is a Wednesday night, and you are in an overcrowded club with hundreds of other women who are vying for attention, so it is time to be realistic. Sure, there are a lot of handsome men in the world, and some are just plain delightful. There are also others who are not so hot, but manage to contribute to the world in a much more rewarding fashion. Will you let the latter segment buy you a drink? Didn’t think so.

Women spend an excruciatingly painful amount of time chasing a fairytale, which ends with a crazy, soon to go viral marriage proposal that will stoke the unrealistic expectations of every other woman on the planet in return. Stop it! When you are single, the idea is to date, get to know people, mix in different circles, and not decide that a man has to be at least six feet tall before you can even entertain the idea of giving him your number. Do you know how many amazing 5’11” guys you are passing up for this ridiculous expectation to be reached? You are better than that, ladies.

Your Judgment & Lack of an Open Mind

So, you don’t like hip hop, huh? Not even for one night, to see what the crowd is like? Do you not date guys who wear tennis shoes, or flannel shirts? Chances are, you are missing out on an intelligent group of guys, simply by judging their appearance or musical taste. If you are always doing the same things — the things YOU like to do — and are still single, it may be time to change your outlook, and broaden your horizons.

You will destroy every chance you have with men if you are only willing to judge them from afar based on material things like clothing, watches, electronic devices or cars. In addition, you are doing yourself a spectacular disservice by closing your mind to all of the wonderful adventures in your city, simply because you don’t think you will like it. You will get a pass from any guy you meet if you tell him you are not willing to do something because you tried it and didn’t like it. However, if you don’t try, you have failed without gaining any experience at all. Sounds sad in writing, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Open up, and be accepting. You never know what you will find, or who will find you.

Your Attitude

It is no secret that all of these parcels of complication are related. Crazy expectations lead to judgment and close-mindedness to a terrible attitude. That is why women are constantly sabotaging themselves before they even have the opportunity to meet a great guy. It isn’t that they aren’t out there, it is just that you do not have access to them because you have already cut yourself out of their loops!

When women carry a negative or unappealing attitude at all times, it is a giant turnoff for any man. Imagine this example, the next time you stop for your daily dose of caffeine. You walk into your favorite coffee shop, only to be met by a long line. You, and your awful attitude, simply do not have time for this. So instead of standing in line, confidently and nicely, so the handsome gentleman at the corner table can take notice of you, you begin shifting around, sighing, murmuring to yourself how awful standing in line is. Finally, when you reach the barista, you are short and do not say thank you, but rip your java from her hand as if she planted the line to greet you. The handsome gentleman who was initially attracted to you? Yeah, not anymore.

You have to keep in mind that men are always on the lookout for women. Always. So when you walk into anywhere, someone is going to notice you. The more you display an awful attitude or negative vibe, the quicker each man will mark you off his prospective list. For those of you who have a worse attitude than most, you will say “So what! How does he know I would have even talked to him?” in response to this reasoning, there is absolutely no doubt why you are single. Being nice, or at the very least agreeable, will garner the favor of men everywhere. Don’t sabotage something that could have been just by being awful. If you choose to keep that deplorable attitude going forward, you have only yourself to blame for being lonely.

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