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Love Quiz: Should You Date Him or Dump Him?

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What Does It Mean When He Closes His Eyes During Sex?

by Felicity Keith You are in bed together… Passionately in the moment… Feeling so intimately connected… And then… …he closes his eyes in order to get to the “finish line”… What exactly does that mean? If you are like a lot of women, you might wonder if he’s retreating into a vivid fantasy world. Wondering,…

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why do men lose interest

Why Do Men Lose Interest?

When it comes to the reasons why men lose interest, there are a lot, and I can’t possibly go over all of them right now, so I won’t try to. But what I’m going to do is go over some of the most common reasons why men lose interest. Now, before we get started into…

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Does Your Man Ignore You? Here’s What To Do…

Usually, with most problems that seem really difficult, there is usually a simple solution. The problem is, most people approach problems from their own perspective, instead of taking a second to consider the other person’s point of view. I want to give you a specific tactic- it’s not so much a tactic but a lesson…

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The Key to Attraction That Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Your Looks

One of the biggest keys to being an attractive female is you… being yourself, knowing who you are, and knowing that there is someone out there for you that you deserve.A woman who marches to the beat of her own drum and is confident is an huge turn-on for men.”Do You” Like Russell Simmons SaysIf you’re…

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little things that all men find attractive

Little Things That All Men Find Very Attractive

One of the main things that men find irresistible and incredibly attractive is a woman who obviously cares about her appearance.Again… You asked so-to-speak so I’m telling you the truth. You might have the greatest personality on earth, but when dealing with men, physical attraction has to be there.Before we go any further I do not…

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Do You Push Men Away Without Even Realizing It?

Whether you realize it or not, there are some very specific things you probably do whenever you are having trouble with your man. It’s basically a cycle of actions that most women go through, and it can actually push your man away instead of help. Men do it too… but we’re talking about you here.…

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what do men really look for in a woman

What Do Men Really Look For In a Woman?

In this episode I reveal the 3 “big picture” things that men want from a woman. Click above to listen or watch the video below… What Men Really Look for in a Woman Alright, welcome to the Lock His Heart podcast, I’m Nate Truman, and today we’re gonna be talking about what do men really…

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How to Get What You Want From Men in 3 Easy Steps

Hello, I just found a great article I bet you’ll love. Randy Bennett is a licensed relationship expert and he’s discovered that women who succeed with men have a kind of “magic confidence” they use that can literally crack open the heart of even the most difficult man and get him to treat you better.…

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how to please your man in bed

How to Please Your Man in Bed: The Ultimate Guide

  Normally, most of my advice in dealing with men boils down to “keep it simple”. Knowing how to please your man in bed is a little bit different. It’s not complex, but “pleasing your man” is much more about how he perceives the whole experience then it is about how to make him have…

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