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The One Conversation To Not Have In a Brand New Relationship

Everyone has had relationships go bad at some point that we wish had worked out. It’s really hard to try and pinpoint what exactly went wrong, but the bottom line is that the connection just wasn’t there for both of you. And, most people try to convince themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong. You…

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5 Ways To Make Him Want You More

How to make him want you more? I get asked that constantly. Women spend of a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what it is that will make their guy go gaga over their relationship, and more importantly the girl herself. This leads to an abundance of speculation between women and their friends,…

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3 Things That Destroy Your Chances With Men Before You Even Meet

Women have a hard time understanding that they are the ones who are in control of their own actions, which is why they are constantly getting in their own way when it comes to men. There are three heavy sets of baggage that women tote around that will destroy their chances with all men, before…

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Do You Make These Mistakes On First Dates?

Once you have reached a comfort level with another, after who knows how many phones calls, text messages and emails have exchanged between the two of you, something always still seems tricky about first date etiquette. What are you going to wear? Where are you going to go? Who’s going to drive? Women definitely put…

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4 Things Men Secretly Want, and How to Give It To Them

Although men may be among the simplest creatures on earth, they are not without wants and desires. When it comes to things that men secretly want, the list is small but important. The sooner women realize that there is more to their guy than him needing a sandwich, beer and sex regularly, the happier they…

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The Real Reasons He Doesn’t Call You Back

Every woman at some point is forced to wonder what to do when he doesn’t call back. It is perfectly reasonable for women everywhere to make up stories about why a certain gentleman did not call them back, and share it with their friends. No one likes rejection, and quite honestly, it sucks to have…

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