how to please your man in bed

How to Please Your Man in Bed: The Ultimate Guide


Normally, most of my advice in dealing with men boils down to “keep it simple”.
Knowing how to please your man in bed is a little bit different. It’s not complex, but “pleasing your man” is much more about how he perceives the whole experience then it is about how to make him have an orgasm… because that’s the easy part.

I’ll just start from the top… to please a man, basically anything tight and slippery wrapped around his penis is what feels good. So there’s that. You already knew that.

But let’s go deeper…

The Setup

Just deciding it’s a good time to have sex and then both of you routinely taking off your clothes and getting under the covers is not sexy. And it’s a fun-killer. Tons of people have sex like this and it’s sad. It’s very easy to make it much more exciting and enjoyable. All of the little details I’m going to mention dial up the overall pleasure of the experience, and they’re all important.

An underlying assumption before we even get started is that you forget all of your body image issues. Your man is with you because he likes you, and you’ll be the only naked woman in the room so don’t get hung up on anything like that.

Ok…. now that that’s out of the way.

I’ll start with a list of things that all guys find sexy, and some things to avoid.

Fresh breath: Nothing can derail sexiness like bad breath. You know this. Brushing your teeth beforehand is always a good move, but nothing beats gum when it comes to actually having fresh, kissable breath. Some of best are Wrigley’s 5 Cobalt or Wrigley’s regular spearmint.

ways to please your man in bedLip gloss: Lipstick can be sexy, but it’s thick and has a distinct taste which can be distracting. What is always sexy is shiny and smooth-looking lips.

Your scent: A quality perfume that your man loves is the glue that ties the whole experience together. What makes the most sense is to go shopping with your man and have him smell samples to see what kinds he likes the best.

Your ladyscaping: There’s not one way that all guys prefer, but well-groomed is a must. Whether your keep your garden bald (which would be no garden), or just short and well-trimmed, bare underneath is always appreciated. Especially if you want him to go down on you.

Lingerie: Use it. Even though it comes off quick it’s totally worth it. And don’t feel like you need the full-on lingerie costumes such as thigh-high stockings, garters, and a bustier. It can be simple and still very effective.

What type of lingerie do men like? Here are some proven favorites:

  • Low rise G-Strings: These are just sexy. Black, hot pink, neon green… can’t go wrong.
  • Crotchless panties: crotchless panties are always a hit.
  • Black lace bra and panties: Every woman should have a matching black lace bra and panties. Super sexy, classic.
  • See-through bra and panties: No explanation needed.
  • Pumps: a sexy pair of pumps gives you that last provocative touch
  • Pretty much anything from this store… (a personal favorite of my wife and I)

How to Get Your Man’s Attention

how to be sexy for your man

Don’t be shy… Men absolutely love lingerie and sexy panties.

This is where it starts. You probably don’t need help getting him interested in sex… in general. What I’m talking about here is you initiating sex sometimes. This is the first step in blowing his mind sexually. When he’s sitting on the couch watching TV and for whatever reason not thinking about sex, you being the one to initiate it automatically makes that encounter more exciting and an instance that he’ll remember. It makes him see your sexual goddess side if you’re the one that takes control sometimes.

And the way you do it is almost just as important… obviously don’t just ask him. Here are some ideas:

  • Text him a sexy picture of yourself from the bedroom(or wherever you’re at in the house). A few things that will always work is a crotch shot of you in a sexy pair of panties… no guy can resist that. Most guys will say don’t go straight for kill on this one, meaning don’t just send a picture of your bare boobs or your naked crotch. That totally works, but a sexy pose that barely covers things is even sexier.
  • Send him a dirty text… meaning just words. The filthier the better. That will get football turned off.
  • The t-shirt and thong combo. Just sit down by him in a t-shirt and your sexiest pair of panties. Thong, g-string, boyshorts… doesn’t matter. Then initiate something.
  • Appear in any sort of sexy lingerie as mentioned above.
  • Going off of the last tip, just a surprise blowjob pretty much anywhere is the stuff of dreams for any guy. And while we’re on the topic, giving him little tastes of mind-blowing head in situations where you can’t finish right then and there will take your full sex sessions to another level all by itself.

How to Get Your Man to Enjoy Foreplay

how to have great sex

You’ll want to read this next part… it’s about how to train your man like one of Pavlov’s dogs to love servicing you

I’ll start off with a huge tip (no pun intended) that will benefit you. You probably would also like to know how get him to like pleasing you. A common issue in couples that have been together a long time is that the man starts slacking off on the extra work it takes to please his woman- usually with foreplay- to the point that he does a half-ass job or trys to avoid doing it at all.

Well, the secret to getting him to look forward to pleasuring you, i.e. enough foreplay, is to do something at the same time that he enjoys. I know, I know… why can’t he just do it and enjoy it because it makes me feel good? Well… I don’t have the answer for that… I’m just telling you what works.

The short version is to involve his penis (surprise, surprise).

So here’s the key to mutually-enjoyable foreplay: the 69 position or the modified 69. Regular 69 of course is where you are giving your man head and he is giving you head. The unfortunate thing about 69 in the real world are twofold:
1) it pretty much means having a butt in your face… it’s one of those things that gets old after awhile.
2) the upside-down angle just doesn’t work right for either party to receive oral pleasure

Introducing…. the modified 69 position. I’m sure a lot of people out there have figured something like this out, but my wife and I evolved into doing this because she refused to let me get away with a half-ass job at foreplay. The modified 69 can mean several things… it’s basically personal preference but here’s a starting point for you: You (the woman) would be on your back with your legs spread of course so that your man can access your goods. He, is lying on his side next to you with his head in your crotch region, and his crotch region by your head. Then, the big difference is that you give him a handjob (not just any handjob- a great one) while he goes down on you.

You will find that there is a direct correlation to the quality of his foreplay work and the handjob you’re giving him. You can always go back to regular 69 and give him head, but I find that the upside down type of blowjob that a 69 requires just doesn’t work right. To most men, i.e. any guy I’ve ever asked, a good handjob is superior in this case to a blowjob. I feel like 69 is one of those positions that everyone thinks they want to do, but in reality there are just logistical problems.

But you, and your man are going to love the modified 69.

You can, and should, mix up the way you do foreplay. A lot of men love going down on their woman, so another way to keep him interested is periodical rewards. This can mean giving him amazing head for a minute or two and then letting him resume his duties, or it can be letting him enter you for a few minutes. If you keep involving his penis, he’ll keep doing the work that you need done.

Doing the Deed

how to please your man in bed

There’s a good chance that if you’ve followed all the steps so far that you and your man have already came. Just sayin.

But if not, here are some additional tips.

  • Try different positions. And by try different positions I mean you bring it up. Such as “let’s try you doing me like this…”
  • Whatever your man’s favorite position is, come back to it more often than others
  • You don’t have to fake anything, but exaggerating your moaning or heavy breathing turns a guy on like nothing else. Let him know you’re enjoying it
  • Just a reminder that the foreplay tradeoffs can and are exciting for the guy, but don’t leave him hanging too long. Blue balls are a real thing
  • Learn what he likes, but continue to try new things together. It’s a winning formula

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