The Key to Attraction That Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Your Looks

One of the biggest keys to being an attractive female is you… being yourself, knowing who you are, and knowing that there is someone out there for you that you deserve.A woman who marches to the beat of her own drum and is confident is an huge turn-on for men.”Do You” Like Russell Simmons SaysIf you’re not happy with who you are, it’ll show from a mile away. Men are most attracted to women who look like they’re having fun with who they are, not those who are desperately seeking someone to fill a void in their lives.

Here are some tips for improving your self-confidence:

Tell yourself what an awesome person you are! This sounds hokey, but positive or negative self-talk makes or breaks people.

Remind yourself of your best attributes and skills, and be proud of what makes you unique. Keep a journal where you can highlight some of your strengths as a person to make you feel that you are worthy of a man’s attention.

Remember that you’re beautiful on the inside–and the outside. Though we are all far from perfect, before you spend an evening out, it’s important to look in the mirror and remember your best attributes, whether it’s your rocking smile, your perfect teeth, or your mile-long legs. If you focus on the positive aspects of your appearance, men will see them too.

Confidence is Attraction

Be confident when you meet new people. Interacting with new people can be scary, but if you’re alert, ready for anything, and reserve judgment, people will want to get to know you. A man will be more attracted to a woman surrounded by friends than one who is looking sad and lonely. He’ll want to be a part of your positive energy.

Continue to improve. It’s one thing to be self-confident and another to be self -absorbed or blind to one’s flaws. As you focus on your good qualities, work to improve that which can be improved. Consider all constructive criticism before dismissing it.

When a men see that you’re “on the ball” and that you have goals that you’re working towards, it’s a huge turn-on… and it will attract the right type of men into your life. It also improves your relationships because you’ll automatically be less needy and you won’t be seeking your validation in life through a relationship.

A man is attracted to a woman who feels comfortable with where she came from, where she is now, and where she is going. He wants someone who is comfortable with her desires, her limitations and her aspirations.
Developing your own identity before you meet a man will ensure that you don’t completely change who you are for him, or follow his lead all too often.

Do This Before You Meet Mr. Right

Knowing who you are before you meet a man will also make it ten times easier to talk to him, and to attract him. Men want women who look like they’d be just fine without them.

Quit comparing yourself… A lot of people fall into a cycle of comparing themselves to the people around them instead of their own standards. If you like your outfit when you leave the house, you should still like it when you get home. Don’t let other people or your perceptions of other people influence how you feel about yourself.

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