little things that all men find attractive

Little Things That All Men Find Very Attractive

One of the main things that men find irresistible and incredibly attractive is a woman who obviously cares about her appearance.Again… You asked so-to-speak so I’m telling you the truth. You might have the greatest personality on earth, but when dealing with men, physical attraction has to be there.Before we go any further I do not mean you have to look like a model… not even close.

These things have nothing to do with your body shape either…
Men are attracted to women of all shapes and sizes. It’s the details that men are attracted to.

Here’s a list of the “little things” that guys find attractive:

  • Well-cared for nails. They don’t have to be the big fake kind- painted fingernails are a turn on for any guy. The bare-minimum is that they are clean and well-groomed- if you can’t stand painted nails just make sure they are clean and tidy(you expect the same from us I hope)
  • Soft, healthy-looking skin. Guys don’t look at a woman and think- “she has bad skin”, but if you have glowing skin guys DO think “she has gorgeous skin”. All you need to do for this is to use lotion, a lot. It’s good for you anyways.
  • Healthy looking hair– this I’m in no way an expert on, but I will tell you it is well worth going to a real salon and investing in learning how to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy. A woman’s hair is either a huge turn on or a huge turn off for men.
  • Silky smooth lips– again, this is easy… too easy not to do. Chapped lips prevent a guy from imagining kissing you- silky lips on the other hand…
  • Makeup– again, I’m not an expert on the details of makeup, and too much is weird- but this is another thing that is well worth figuring out how to do well. But, when it comes to makeup- less is more. I feel like a little eye makeup is all most women need to look and feel much sexier, without caking on foundation that looks like a mask.
  • Breath– ladies- you gotta be aware of this one. I dated a woman once who was incredibly cool and naturally beautiful- but it was like she never considered what her breath was like. She would want to kiss right after eating without using gum- or during eating- and even when we would meet up for dates her breath was stale and stinky right off the bat… a crippling turnoff that I just couldn’t get over. When a guy is leaning in close talking to a woman and you can smell fresh, minty breath… huge turn-on.
  • Your scentfind a perfume that works great for you– take a guy friend or brother shopping with you. A woman’s scent is HUGE- if a guy gets in close and you have a weird or stale smell- big turnoff. But, a womanly-smells-great-for-reasons-we-don’t-understand smell(accomplished with quality perfume) is a huge, huge turn-on.
  • Clothing– find a style that flatters your body type and looks good on you- this is way beyond the scope of my expertise but contact a friend or coworker that you can tell knows her fashion and simply ask her to help you find a few cute outfits.

That’s a good start- and these things are easy to work on. The other benefit is that when you start taking better care of yourself and you know you look good- you will feel much better, more confident, and you’ll start getting more attention from men- whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, or guys in general if you’re still dating.

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