Do You Push Men Away Without Even Realizing It?

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Whether you realize it or not, there are some very specific things you probably do whenever you are having trouble with your man. It’s basically a cycle of actions that most women go through, and it can actually push your man away instead of help.

Men do it too… but we’re talking about you here.

I call it “freak out syndrome”.

The funny thing is that you probably feel like it’s the right thing to do, even though it’s most likely making your relationship worse.

The way it usually works…

You’re going along in your relationship, and something happens that makes you or your man reconsider things. This may actually come out in a conversation, or you may just think it in your head, or your man may just think about it in his head.

Then, since you know something is wrong, you take some action to try and fix it.

When that doesn’t work, you try and talk your way into your man’s head to get him to see it from your point of view.

This is your way of trying to “fix it” and make everything go back to “normal”.

And this is a very common cycle that most relationships go through.

The problem is that the person on the receiving end, your man, won’t be viewing it the same way and will only feel attacked… which of course results in him feeling more distant and increases the chances of permanently harming the relationship.

The point I am trying to make here is that when women drive
themselves completely nuts by freaking out over and over again, it
messes them up completely over time.

A big tip to remember…

You need to understand that “fixing” problems in your relationship isn’t as easy as just explaining to your man what the problem is and why he should get it.

Get it?

Just like you don’t like taking criticism from your man, these types of conversations almost always turn into a lecture from his point of view about something he is doing wrong and what he needs to do different.

Sometimes it gets even worse…

While lecturing your man about what he’s doing wrong causes a lot of problems, most couples don’t stop there… these situations turn into full-on fights and arguments.

You can’t get your man to understand you by trying to drill your points into his head. It will just make him resentful and more distant.

An example…

Let’s say that you’ve been feeling like your man has been distant lately and you want to know why.

You might ask him a few questions to try and feel him out and get an idea what he’s been thinking. You might get a few clues from his answers, or you might already have an idea of how he’s feeling.

But… you just can’t resist asking the big questions:

“Why are you avoiding me like this?!”

“I feel like we never talk. What’s going on?”

“Why are you so hot and cold?”

Stuff like that. And when that doesn’t work your anxiety turns into anger and it just leads to a fight.

This probably sounds familiar, because like I mentioned above, this is a very common cycle most couples go through.

There’s a better way…

If your attempts at communication commonly end up like this, then you need to try something else.

There are things you can do and say which will naturally make your man want to open up to you and communicate, without having to try to force it out of him.

This alternate approach also reverses him frame of mind and draws him closer to you since he’ll be the one opening up and you’ll be his emotional support- instead of feeling like you are constantly nagging him.

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