The Real Reasons He Doesn’t Call You Back

Why He Doesn't Call You Back

Every woman at some point is forced to wonder what to do when he doesn’t call back. It is perfectly reasonable for women everywhere to make up stories about why a certain gentleman did not call them back, and share it with their friends. No one likes rejection, and quite honestly, it sucks to have someone blow you off without a second thought. What women do not seem to get is, there was a second thought. He did consider calling you back, and if he did not, he made a conscious decision to lose your number. There is a list of real reasons why you are not getting the courtesy of a returned call, text or email, and they outlined as simply as possible as follows.

Not So Fast

So why does he need to call you? To get you to a comfortable point in the relationship where you will have sex with him? OH, WAIT! You already did! It is 2013, and everyone knows that women can do everything men can, except for open jars or carry heavy things. They can work, have families, pay bills and juggle responsibilities just as well as the next guy. Is this even still up for debate these days? With that, everyone also understands that women can have sex without any strings attached, and take home anyone they want, whenever they want, for their own sexual gratification. Good for you. More importantly, good for him! He literally doesn’t have to do anything to get you into bed, and that includes returning your calls.

You Have Divulged TOO Much Information

If you have only been out on one date, and the guy knows that your mother watches your dog while you are out of town, and that your sister is married with four kids, or that your ex-boyfriend spent more time in Betty Ford than the founder herself did, you have said too much. What ever happened to having a first date, and asking about the guy’s favorite movie or music genres, or what the last concert he went to was? First dates are an opportunity to keep it light and fun, without introducing any heavy material into the mix. When you start personalizing the experiences you are sharing, or monopolizing the conversation, he is never going to want to see you again. So tomorrow, or the next day, when you call and leave him a seven minute long voicemail, you can practically kiss a returned call goodbye before you even hang up.

You Were Mean, Distracted or Hammered

It does not take that much to please a guy. Literally, very little. However, it takes about the same amount to turn him off, give him time to plan his escape, ultimately losing your number before he even had a chance to use it. This can happen for a number of reasons. 1) You were mean to him or someone else in the restaurant, bar or on the street. Guys do not need someone else to treat them badly. That’s what their ex-girlfriend is for. 2) You spent more time on your phone than you did looking him in the eye. Unless you are 13, there is absolutely no reason for you to be contacting anyone else on your phone while you are on a date. 3) You drank WAY too much, and he had to babysit you. Guys want a woman, not a child who cannot hold her liquor. If this is you, grab a club soda, sans vodka, so you both can enjoy the evening.

You Are Already Trying to Change Him

Believe it or not, women are arrogant. They believe that men are just sitting around, waiting for some beautiful girl to arrive and enrich their lives by immediately throwing out all of their favorite t-shirts, and converting their haircuts. This is not what men want. Sure, they all know that at some point — once you get to the point of a relationship — their favorite hat may have to spend more time in the closet than it does now. With that said, here’s a word of advice, ladies: Do not say anything negative about what the guy you just met is wearing.

Even if he is wearing the most terrible sweater you have ever laid eyes on, it is not your place to start your communication by criticizing him. Just think, if you were on a first date and the guy you were with said, “Ugh. You look terrible in red! Where did you get that dress?” You would leave, immediately fuming and crying while speed dialing a friend. So why would it be okay for you to say, “What is this sweater you’re wearing? It’s AWFUL!” Not nice. And it is certainly not going to invoke a continued conversation, via phone or otherwise.

Men are simple creatures. Show them some respect, enjoy their conversation, ask them about themselves — instead of talking the entire time — and they will be delighted to return your calls. Maybe even all of them!

What to Do When He Doesn’t Call Back

If you don’t hear from him it’s probably too late with this particular guy… the best thing you can do is learn from it, and try to remember some of these things in the future. Continually work on actually becoming someone that any guy wants to call back, and don’t give away your power or show neediness too early.

Can You Read His Body Language?

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