what do men really look for in a woman

What Do Men Really Look For In a Woman?

In this episode I reveal the 3 “big picture” things that men want from a woman.

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What Men Really Look for in a Woman

Alright, welcome to the Lock His Heart podcast, I’m Nate Truman, and today we’re gonna be talking about what do men really look for in a woman. This could be a huge topic, but we’re gonna keep it to three main ideas that for the most part cover the big things that you have to get right. That make things work. Before we get into that, if you’re new to the podcast, if you’re new to lock his heart, you wanna go to lockhisheart.com/subscribe and sign up for our free ecourse on creating intense attraction with men. That has, it’s a series of email lessons, it’s a ton of information, really good information on how attraction works in a man’s mind, and it’s very different than you probably think. So if you haven’t yet, make sure you go and do that. So let’s get into this topic, what are men really looking for in a woman.

Like I said, we’re gonna give you 3 main things to focus on, or to kind of realize, and these are things that a lot of women make assumptions about and they’re usually wrong. So the first tip is that that initial attraction I just mentioned. Men are visual, and if the attraction isn’t there, then it’s not there, so there are 2 things, what can you do, to be more attractive to men, and it’s really just the basic answer.

What Men Really Want in a Woman


All men really want is a healthy vibrant looking woman, that’s it. Not all men are out there looking for supermodels, in fact most men don’t actually like that look. When it comes to the actual women they date, and I mean, we know that women in the real world don’t usually look like that.

So the main thing that men are looking for is a woman who takes care of herself, is healthy, is vibrant, just kind of that glowing skin look.

That’s attractive to any man. I go into this in detail in the free e course – about creating intense attraction with men. So make sure to check that out for more of what I’m talking about.

The second thing to realize is that different types of men have different types of looks or different types of women they find attractive, so don’t get hung up on one guy if it doesn’t work out. Don’t base your entire self image on one night out, and you’ve been watching this guy, and you finally get the chance, and you guys talk, and you can tell he’s not into you, and women can just be way too hard on themselves over one interaction or it can ruin their dating life for months because they get in their head that they’re not attractive or something like that.

Dating is a numbers game, it’s basically like running a business.

I mean, you have prospects, you go on dates, you’re just trying to find a special person, and that takes work. You gotta go through a lot of people to do that. Don’t get hung up on one little thing that doesn’t work out that you wanted to work out.

Men Want to Feel Like…

Okay, so tip number 2 is men want a woman who makes him feel like a man. This kinda makes men sound like babies, and maybe we are. But this is true.

So what does this mean?

Men want to be appreciated for what we do, and the things that we find are important.

A big part of this is that women are very versatile… women can go out into the world, you can do any job that men can do, that’s just how it is. And that work persona at home you know, with your own partner, that can kinda be a bad thing, because there’s different objectives.

At work, the whole romantic dynamic, that’s supposed to be taken out of things, and you’re just there to work, essentially compete, get things done.

And at home, those objectives are different, you need to learn to take that work persona, remove that, and what your natural feminine energy combined with your man’s masculine energy, hopefully you get what I mean by that. Basically men don’t want a woman who is competitive and acts like another man when it comes to going out and dating, the things you talk about, stuff like that.

What Makes Your Man Feel Good About Himself?

The 3rd tip is to pay attention and celebrate what makes a man feel good about himself. So what this means is this is a big thing.

It’s very easy to kind of become complacent, start finding things that bug you, this is more when a relationship turns, a relationship turns long term, it’s easy to look and find things that bother you.

It’s easy to find little things that annoy you that your man does, but let’s take whatever it is that he takes seriously in life, and he’s good at and he enjoys doing – usually it’s a career or being good at his job – if he’s a math guy or if he works with numbers and he’s good at it,then compliment him on it or take to him about it.

Or, if you don’t compliment him on or appreciate him for it, then he might not even consciously realize that, but you’re missing out on a big opportunity to make him feel good, make him appreciate you for appreciating him, and that’s one of the main ways to make a man feel fulfilled and appreciated.

You just need to realize or recognize what he’s good at and once in a while ask him about his work, just help him feel like you appreciate that he’s good at what he does. And that’s something that he enjoys and he feels good about himself for doing. It really just comes down to the fact that men want to feel appreciated for the things they enjoy, and the things they enjoy and take seriously are the best place to start.

So that’s it for this episode, again if you’re new to the podcast or new to lockhisheart.com go to lockhisheart.com/subscribe and enter your email address and sign up for the email lessons on how to create intense attraction in 3 simple steps. Thanks for listening.

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