Does Your Man Ignore You? Here’s What To Do…

Usually, with most problems that seem really difficult, there is usually a simple solution. The problem is, most people approach problems from their own perspective, instead of taking a second to consider the other person’s point of view.

I want to give you a specific tactic- it’s not so much a tactic but a lesson in effective communication- that will get you instant positive results.

Let’s say your man has been really busy lately, either with work or some project he’s working on, and you feel like you’ve been being ignored.

Most people would approach this by going to their partner and saying something like, “Why have you been ignoring me lately?”, which is an accusation.

Something everyone hates…

Everyone hates being accused of something.

And- if he’s been busy working, what will instantly come to his mind is that he’s been working to provide, and now you’re here harassing him about it.

So the secret is, before you go up and accuse him of not spending enough time with you, take a second and try and understand his point of view. Then, when you approach him from his own point of view, things will go much better. You should only try and make him understand your point of view after you’ve made it clear you really understand his point of view.

How to do it…

Here’s an example:

You: Hi babe- I know you’ve been really busy with work lately. I love how hard-working and dedicated you are. I was hoping we could hang out a little bit tonight (or soon, or this weekend, etc)… but if you’re too busy it’s ok.

Him: Thanks hun- yeah I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. But… I really want to spend time with you too. Let me work for a couple of hours and then we’ll go out.

Most of the time if you approach this issue in this way, you’ll get a very similar result.

See how easy that is? Instead of being accusing- even though you feel neglected which is a valid feeling- you just need to take a slightly different approach to get a much different outcome.

This way, it doesn’t instantly turn into an argument, and you can go out and spend some quality time together.

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